Feeding the hungry in Our Community Since 1978
430 8th St. Augusta, GA 30901
(Inside the Mead House of St. John UMC)
HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY, 11 AM-12:30 or until the first 75 clients are served
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Partner With Us

DCCM is seeking 100 individuals to pledge $20.00 a month to support our cause. $20.00 will feed 2 seniors for an entire month!

Will you make the difference in the life of a needy family? The person you help could be your neighbor, friend or co-worker.

Make checks payable to:


P.O. Box 2482

Augusta, GA  30903

DCCM is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

You are encouraged to visit during operating hours to see your contributions at work.

Please call the office to arrange a visit.

(706) 722-3530

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DCCM Food Pantry is a multi-denominational coalition of 15 area churches that have combined resources to run a centrally located food pantry in the heart of downtown Augusta. We are located at 430 8th St. and conveniently located near several housing complexes and on Route 3 of the Augusta Public Transit system.

Since 1978, DCCM has established itself as a consistent, reliable source of food for those in need.

Food Programs

DCCM distributes bags of nutritious food to individuals that meet income guidelines. We strive to supply a diverse array of items that our clients would be proud to feed their family. It is our hope that everyone has access to nutritious food regardless of their ability to pay.

DCCM also offers “Snack Packs” to our homeless clients on Mondays and Fridays. Snack packs are ready-to-eat, prepackaged foods that do not require cooking or refrigeration facilities. These Snack packs enable our homeless clients to eat when the soup kitchens and shelters are not open.

What Makes Us Different?

DCCM is the largest food pantry in Augusta/Richmond county distributing over 250,000 pounds of food to clients every year. Because of our convenient location, regular hours, and consistency, DCCM has become a pillar in the community for those needing food assistance. Over 350 families each week are served by DCCM, resulting in about 17,500 visits per year. About 40% of our clients are age 55 or over, while about 30% are under 18 and the rest are adults between 18 and 55.

Most area pantries operate as an “Emergency Pantry,” limiting the amount of times an individual may receive food to a few times per year. Because the majority of our clients are on a fixed income and face chronic food insecurity, we allow those 55 and over to visit once a week and those under 55 to visit once every 2 weeks, if needed. As a result, DCCM volunteers build a genuine rapport with our clients. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with the people we serve.

About Our Food and Staff

DCCM works in partnership with the Golden Harvest Food Bank which allows us to purchase food in bulk at a substantial discount over retail prices. Our relationships with local grocery stores, including Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Sam’s and Aldi, gives us the opportunity to have pastries, fresh produce and other perishables as they are available.

A typical bag of food contains an assortment of canned goods and frozen meat or vegetables, and a starch. We also provide bread, milk, fresh meat, fresh produce, juice, pastries and cereal when available. Through the Golden Harvest Food Bank, we are also able to provide food provided by the US Department of Agriculture and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

“I came from NY to take care of my 3 grandchildren. DCCM is the food pantry I was introduced to after calling a local social service agency. Food in Augusta is very expensive. Without DCCM I couldn’t afford to feed a family of five. Thank God for the pantry.” – Eleanor M.

Our Executive Director is Christy Cunningham. Under her leadership, we are proud that our organization is operated nearly entirely by volunteers. We have over 40 volunteers who dedicate their time to load groceries, interview clients, pack bags and distribute food. Without their hard work and generosity, DCCM would not be able to fulfill its mission to feed the hungry in our community.